The most secure smartphone available.

Blackphone launches the next generation in private mobile technologies.

Encryption Encryption

End-to-end Encryption

The Blackphone PRIVY encrypts your communication with cryptographic protocols to send and receive ZRTP instant messages, and make VoIP calls without ever worrying for your privacy.

Silent Phone Silent Phone

Silent Phone

Silent Phone enables you to make/receive calls/instant messages/file sharing (up to 100Mb files) securely with other Silent Phone users, on whatever device they are using.

Privy Global Global Privacy

Global Privacy

Privacy is all about eliminating third parties from the process and keeping your conversations between you and your contacts — this is why PRIVY comes out of the box with a Multi IMSI SIM card that provides unlimited data coverage worldwide.

Privy Chat Vault Privacy Chat Valut

PRIVY Chat & PRIVY Vault

To guarantee true privacy of communication and absolute data security, PRIVY comes preloaded with our state-of-the-art applications for secure communications and file storage - PRIVY Chat and PRIVY Vault. Each application protects data in transit with end-to-end encryption and securely store data-at-rest in encrypted databases.

Keeping all the features expected of a smartphone while securing your data the best way possible. In fact, although not aimed to the general consumer market, the PRIVY is user-friendly. PRIVY’s Silent OS, which is essentially a modified Android version, gives you more control of your privacy than you can have any luck with on any other smartphone.“ / best / secure-smartphones

Multi-layered OS security.

Zero-attack surface

Providing absolute privacy without compromise, PRIVY has a significantly reduced surface of attack. All inherited vulnerabilities of modern mobile devices (GSM services, SMS services, Google apps and services, etc.) have been purged from the device.

Triple password protection

Gaining physical access to a secure device could give third parties an easy way to collect sensitive data. PRIVY gives you the option to use different passwords for accessing the device itself, the encrypted storage, and each of the secure apps.

Trusted updates

Update exploits are virtually eliminated on PRIVY devices. OS and application updates are issued and digitally signed exclusively through our Mobile Device Management platform. Devices apply updates only after verifying the validity and authenticity of the digital signature.

Multi-layered OS Security
Military-grade Encryption

Cutting-edge and battle-hardened cryptographic protocols provide absolute security. All incoming and outgoing communications are end-to-end encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted network. Data stored on the device is secured and encrypted.

Verified Boot

Mobile devices are highly vulnerable during bootup. PRIVY boasts additional protection that guarantees the integrity of the OS on every boot. On every boot, its unique device fingerprint is validated against a server-side copy ensuring OS authenticity.

Active Device Monitoring

PRIVY performs scheduled synchronizations with our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. If a device consecutively fails to sync a pre-defined number of times, it automatically deletes all stored data to protect you even in the case of theft or loss that you have not noticed right away.

Secure Dual OS.


Each of the Operating Systems are sealed off in a dedicated and isolated container, enhancing the security and ensuring that there are no unmanaged touch points between the two environments.

Dual SIM Solution

The PRIVY SIM* card gives a reliable and secure worldwide connection to PRIVY Mode, whilst a second local SIM card can also be added for network calling, SMS and data services for personal apps used in Incognito Mode.

Trusted Updates

Frequent security and UI improvement updates are issued and digitally signed exclusively through the backend MOM, hosted on a dedicated server. Devices apply updates only after verifying the authenticity of the digital signature.

De-Googled OS

Incognito Mode is a de-Googled Android version without any Google apps or Google services accessing personal user data. There are no connectivity checks with the Google servers, and there is no connection with the Google’s Network Time Protocol servers, or Domain Name System servers.

Verified Boot

During enrolment, a unique device fingerprint is created. On every boot, the device fingerprint is validated against a server-side copy to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the OS.

Limitless Functionality

Users will be able to use their favourite apps on the phone privately through a 3rd party privacy-centred App store of the user’s choice. Optionally, users can benefit from the seamless integration with Misref, that replaces functions of Google Play Services while maintaining user privacy.

Privy Global Secure Duo OS

Incognito Mode

A state-of-the-art bootloader allows the user to switch between PRIVY Mode and Incognito Mode on the same device, providing both an ultra secure environment and limitless functionality in a privacy-first environment. Incognito Mode pre-installed apps include Silent Phone, Brave Browser and Aurora Store for downloading any apps you wish to use. Secure Dual OS delivers the most secure device available, and now with the optional Incognito Mode, offering limitless capabilities.

Built to perform.

Beyond privacy and security the new PRIVY is built to perform with an enviable set of tech specs for everyday mobile use.

  • Increased core processors from 4 to 8 for faster performance
  • Increase in RAM to 4Gb further improving performance
  • Larger screen size to 6.5”
  • Rear 48 Mega pixel cameras plus 1 x 25 Mega pixel camera
  • Increased battery size for longer use

Don’t sacrifice security for functionality. Have both.

Technical Specification

  • CPU: MT6771 Octa Cores
  • CPU: Arm Cortex A73 2.1GHz +Arm Cortex A53 2.0GHz
  • GPU: Arm Mail-G72 900MHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • SIZE: 161.8 x 76.9 x 8.9mm
  • SCREEN: 6.53”
  • BATTERY: 4500mAh
  • Camera
  • Rear: 48MP + 8MP + 5MP
  • Front: 25MP
  • Flash
  • Storage
  • Internal: 128GB
  • Connectivity
  • WIFI: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • USB: Type C
  • NETWORK: 4G+3G+2G

Mobile security compared.

Mobile is the new front line for cyber attacks. PRIVY is the smartest and most secure defense for encrypted businesses and personal communication.

Google Pixel

  • Android has been hacked
  • Play Store lists malicious apps
  • Outdated OS versions compromise device security
  • Email solution insecure

Apple iPhone

  • iOS has been compromised
  • Increasing number of Apps are insecure
  • Outdated OS versions compromise device security
  • Email solution insecure

Blackphone PRIVY

  • Unhackable operating system
  • No access to insecure Apps
  • OS is regularly patched ensuring device security
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Select your PRIVY 2.0

The Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 runs on a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription-based OS, and includes its own secure and unlimited, multi-roaming, data-only SIM card, that connects to all major networks around the world, preferring the strongest connection at the time/location.

Select your PRIVY 2.0

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*The data from the PRIVY SIM card is for exclusive use within the PRIVY Mode, and this included amount has been calculated to give more than enough data to use with the secure applications offered in this mode. Any data used in the Incognito Mode from the PRIVY SIM card will incur charges and could be subject to data services being suspended on the PRIVY SIM card.