Which Apps collect the most personal data?

Which Apps collect the most personal data?

Thursday 29 July, 2021

Your smartphone could be leaking a lot of your personal identifiable data. It is important to check to see just how much or your data is being aggregated by the apps that you believe are the trustworthy. 

Smartphone security is a hot topic that we have written about at length. It is increasingly important due to the intrusive nature of the information being grabbed, often without your consent, by third party apps.

Smartphones have become so entrenched in everyday life. Devices are being used for everything from sending a simple text message through to holding personal medical and financial data. The fact the apps can gain access to this is terrifying from a mobile and data security risk viewpoint. 

We have spoken about messaging services and social media accounts being problematic, but these areas make up just some of the access points for grabbing your data. 

There is a much wider group of apps from the media sector and social sectors of the market that operate this data harvesting. 

Take the ever-growing social apps as an example. Many people use their smartphones to share content whilst out, but these apps are also grabbing your data. 

What data is being grabbed?

The volume of data that is being harvested by these apps is huge. This list should be seen as a warning sign that you will need to act in order to reduce and limit the access to your personal data

Types of data being harvested by apps:

  • Contact Information
  • Browsing History
  • Search History
  • Health and Fitness Data
  • Identifiers
  • Location
  • Purchases
  • Sensitive Information
  • Usage Data
  • Contacts
  • Diagnostic Data
  • User Content
  • Other Data
  • Financial Information

Which apps collect the most personal data?


Which apps collect the most personal data?


How to limit your exposure to data grabbing

We understand that in today’s world, the smartphone is needed for a wide variety of uses. It is worth working through the ways in which you can limit your data risks. Before installing any new app, check the privacy policy and settings that enable you to limit access to your personal data. Make sure that these are set to a level that will protect you. 

In some cases, as can be seen from the graphic above, there are often alternative apps to the main players that are less likely to harvest data from you, so these could be considered instead. 

An alternative to personal identifiable data hungry phones

The Blackphone PRIVY smartphone has been developed to be a secure and private phone across every aspect of communication. The software and hardware have been specially created to ensure that your data and files are protected at all times. 

As a further level of assurance, the Blackphone PRIVY only retains your data and files on the handset itself, dramatically reducing the risk of a data breach from third party servers.

If you are reconsidering your online security and data privacy, then Blackphone PRIVY is the most Secure Smartphone that will meet your needs. 

Please contact us on +44 (0)871 666 9 666 and we can highlight the Blackphone PRIVY’s enhanced features helping to reduce your mobile security and privacy risks. 

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