Most secure mobile phone 2021

What is the most secure mobile phone 2021?

Wednesday 24 March, 2021

Does your business need the 2021 most secure mobile phone?

Secure mobile phones have become a must have for both organisations looking to secure their business interests and individuals seeking to protect their private communications and personal data. 

As hackers have progressed to become more advanced in their hacking techniques, so have smartphone manufacturers needed to evolve to stay one step ahead of the new hacking risks. 

What features do businesses and individuals need in order to keep their mobile phone both private and secure?

Most secure mobile phone 2021 – business use

Firstly, it’s worth noting that most businesses use mobile communication on a large scale, some communications can include sensitive information such as:

  • Intellectual property details
  • Financial information
  • Legal documents
  • Sensitive contract dealings

These are to name but a few. With this in mind, businesses need to ensure that their communications are kept secure and private, whilst acknowledging that the users may well use the smartphone for personal communications as well. 

The Blackphone 2 has distinct and separated areas within the phone that means that none of the information or files contained within each area are shared or are even accessible. Therefore, it is possible to completely separate business and personal information for increased data security.  

However, in order to ensure that you have the most secure mobile phone for 2021 and protection from the risks of hacking, there are more factors to consider other than personal and business use. 

There are a wide range of security and privacy features you must think about:

  • Secure mobile end-to-end encryption
  • VPN
  • Biometric security features
  • Fully encrypted storage NOT on a server
  • Reverse wipe ability

Even with these security and privacy protections, the smartphone must also be easy to use. The Blackphone PRIVY comes with multi-roaming and unlimited data sim, meaning your business and personal usage will not be held within any boundaries. Multi-roaming and unlimited data sims are an optional upgrade for the Blackphone 2. 

We have a dedicated support team ready to help with any fleet deployment ensuring a smooth roll-out across your business. 

In today’s remote working practices, the Blackphone 2 and Blackphone PRIVY also come with encrypted conference and video call facility. Meaning you can work remotely and securely anywhere in the world. 

Most secure mobile phone 2021 - personal use

Everyone likes to know that their personal communications are kept private, especially those that have a high public profile. You only have to look back at the hacking of Jeff Bezos last year to realise that, if you don’t have the most secure mobile phone, you are at risk no matter who you are.  We covered this story in our article titled Unhackable mobile phones – Jeff Bezos phone hack

In addition to the security and privacy features mentioned above that aid business use, there are also further measures that have been built into the Blackphone PRIVY to ensure your communications remain private. 

These include:

  • Untraceable device – The Secure OS means that the location tracker feature has been removed so it’s impossible to discover your location
  • Wiretap secured – The IMSI-Catcher Detector identifies suspicious activity and Stingray devices, which then alerts you straight away, meaning you can cancel the call and no wiretapping would be able to take place. 

If you’re looking for the most secure mobile phone for 2021 then please give our team a call. They are on hand to help you deploy a fleet of Blackphones throughout your business or simply deliver the most privacy available for your personal communications. 

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