What is zero click malware

What does “Zero Click Malware” mean for you?

Monday 20 September, 2021

In our article titled Journalist’s smartphones hacked by spyware, we highlighted a very sophisticated hack that was allegedly developed by the Israeli NSO Group. The technology deployed by the hackers clearly had some very large backers, which many believed to be rogue governments, to attack political targets. 

The story has now taken another turn

Over the last week, Apple announced that it had discovered another “zero click” malware attack on a political target which prompted it to release an emergency patch to fix the vulnerability. The malware was thought to be able to attack Apple iPhones and iPads, but also included Apple Watch and Mac computers.

What is zero click malware or spyware? 

Zero Click spyware is a malicious hack that requires no interaction from the smartphone user. It does not require a file to be opened or for a link to be clicked on. 

When asked for comment by Reuters News Agency, NSO Group has neither confirmed nor denied that it was behind the technology used in this attack, but they state that they “continue to provide intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world with life-saving technologies to fight terror and crime.”

This particular hack seems to be aimed at specific targets and does not appear to be deployed on a wide range of Apple users. Therefore, the security and privacy risk posed to the average iPhone user is relatively small at this point. That, however, does not mean that, now the technology is known and out there, other hackers will not be able to adapt it for general release. 

It is for precisely this reason that smartphone security and your privacy, especially amongst high level business executives, journalists and political activists, should be addressed and shored up sooner rather than later to protect against possible future attacks. 

It shows that, despite its reputation as being both security and privacy minded with regards to the smartphones, Apple is still able to be compromised. 

Increased Smartphone Security

It is for this reason that a large number of business and high net worth individuals have turned to the military grade smartphone security that the Blackphone PRIVY offers. 

To protect all your digital and voice communications, the Blackphone PRIVY has:

  • A Zero Attack Surface – The removal of common vulnerabilities such as GSM services, SMS services, Google apps and services.
  • End To End Encryption – All communications are end-to-end encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted network. 
  • Verified Boot – On every boot, the device fingerprint is validated against a server-side copy to ensure the authenticity of the OS. 
  • Encrypted Storage – The Blackphone PRIVY’s physical storage is encrypted and protected with a complex password, unbreakable even for supercomputers.

The war against smartphone hacks and data breaches continues and it is a race between developers and hackers as to which side wins each battle. 

If you have now come to the conclusion that you need to upgrade your smartphone security levels to prevent your digital communications and sensitive data files falling in to the wrong hands, then please call our team and we can help secure your communications, both business and personal. 

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