Jeff Bezos iPhone Hacked

Unhackable Mobile Phones – Jeff Bezos Phone Hack

Friday 27 November, 2020

Protect yourself from mobile phone hacks unlike Jeff Bezos

Unhackable mobile phones need more than specially designed hardware and software to be effective. There are a number of actions the user also needs to take in order to fully protect themselves from malicious activity. 

There have been some recent high-profile digital attacks on wealthy individuals who have not taken the additional steps of using an unhackable mobile phone like the Blackphone PRIVY

High Profile Jeff Bezos Phone Hack

The first to illustrate the problem of using a popular but significantly less secure mobile phone is none other than Jeff Bezos. It was reported that Bezos was using an Apple iPhone when he was sent a WhatsApp message from a known contact that contained a malicious video file. 

Unbeknown to Jeff Bezos, the malicious video file, once on his iPhone, was then able to access his sensitive and personal files and then extract the data out over time. 

Having opened the attachment, it activated the malicious file and the hacker was able to begin the reaping of Bezos’ information. Unfortunately for Mr Bezos, the file was sent by someone that he knew, this meant he was not suspicious of the attachment so felt safe to open it.

Due to the type of mobile phone being used, the hack was successful. 

However, if this had been attempted on a Blackphone PRIVY, the hack would not have worked as it would have firstly needed a browser to have been effective. In addition, the file would have been sandboxed away from any other sensitive or personal information, meaning that the hacker would have left empty handed. 

This hack highlights how using an unhackable mobile phone will help to secure your private information. 

Human Error – A major problem for Mobile Phone Security

Following on from the technical hack used against Jeff Bezos, the second example of a high-profile hack is that of real estate investor and developer Barbara Corcoran. This is an example of a hacker that had specifically targeted her and had clearly spent time preparing the attack.

The hacker chose a plausible phishing email as their line of attack. By targeting a lower level employee and ever so slightly changing their email address, they were able to dupe them into transferring a large amount of money in to their bank account. 

The change made to the email was simply one letter making it difficult to spot. So, although an unhackable mobile phone would not have been able to prevent this type of attack, it shows that everyone must be vigilant, and carefully check everything that comes in and goes out of their inbox. 

Thankfully for Barbara Corcoran, she was able to retrieve the funds so was not out of pocket. More importantly, she was able to learn a very important lesson about the human element of mobile phone security; check everything carefully. 

Blackphone PRIVY Unhackable Mobile

The unhackbale design of the Blackphone PRIVY helps to protect high net worth individuals and Company Execs from unscrupulous hackers looking to reap their sensitive data and personal information for financial gain. 

The list of impressive security features includes:

  • Data separation sandbox
  • Encrypted storage
  • End to end encryption
  • Reverse wipe
  • Locked bootloader
  • Untraceable device
  • Wiretap secure

With these, coupled with other security and privacy features, it makes the Blackphone PRIVY the perfect solution for those seeking an unhackable mobile phone. 

For additional information on how to keep your personal and business information secure, we would recommend reading the article Smartphone Security – How to keep your smartphone safewhich we published on our website in April 2020. 

Naturally, if you have any questions or would like to discuss in more detail how we can help secure your mobile data, please give one of our team a call, we will be happy to help. 

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