Network infrastructure security for mobile phones

Understanding the business impact of network infrastructure security

Friday 18 December, 2020

Businesses often understand the need to ensure that their mobile phones and devices are both private and secure to ensure their sensitive data and personal information remains private. However, attention needs to be drawn to the wider picture of network and infrastructure security. 

Mobile and smart phones rely on this infrastructure for connectivity. Therefore, any mobile phone that connects to a potentially insecure network needs to be as secure as possible. Do you own a hackable phone? Is your phone secure?

Network and infrastructure security risk 

The network infrastructure provides the backbone of your communication and IT systems. Comprising of a range of both hardware and software the network infrastructure could have the potential to provide a fertile ground for security and privacy breaches should it be compromised by a third party. 

It is this particular aspect of the network infrastructure that has led both the US and UK governments to raise concerns about the installation of China based companies ZTE and Huawei hardware into their infrastructure systems. 

Both governments believe that, with state intervention from China, they would be able to gain access to classified communications by installing backdoors in the infrastructure itself. 

Understanding that the network infrastructure build itself threatens both state and commercial security has led to a change of tack, meaning only approved organisations are permitted to install new network equipment. 

These concerns show that businesses should investigate the networks they are currently using to determine whether they provide the level of security needed for their businesses. 

Combine a secure handset with secure network 

Ensuring that a business does its due diligence on which network to use is an important element for securing the end to end communication function. As can be seen, the network infrastructure forms a part, but the business must also choose the most secure handset to complete the jigsaw.

In order to help secure both the network and handset from hackers, the Blackphone PRIVY utilises the high secure Silent Circle network infrastructure. This is an independent network that has been specially designed to ensure it has military grade security.

In addition, Silent Phone features mean you can make and receive calls to/from landline and mobile numbers using your pre-selected secure number from a list of 23 countries. It safeguards your leg of these calls meaning they are completely secure from local eavesdroppers.

Integrated networks secured

Most organisations work hard to ensure their IT infrastructure networks are secured and capable of dealing with organised cyber-attacks. If the organisations haven’t factored in the mobile network security then they will have introduced a weak link in their overall digital protection. 

The Blackphone PRIVY can be integrated into the overall strategic digital security plans to sure up that weaker link.  

If you would like to discuss in more detail how the deployment of the Blackphone PRIVY across your organisation can help secure your digital communications, then please give our team a call. We’ll be happy to help. 

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