Smartphones for Spies

Smartphones for Spies – Science Fiction or Science Fact?

Thursday 4 November, 2021

Which smartphone is the most secure and worthy of James Bond’s tux?

If you were James Bond or Ethan Hunt, which smartphone would you use for your secure communications? Naturally, you would want a smartphone that was able to protect your messages and data at all times. So how would you go about making your choice?

Throughout the 007 movies we have seen a wide range of mobile phones being used by James Bond, including Sony and Nokia. But is this just product placement or do the smartphones actually provide a viable secure communication option?

Old Mobile Technology?

Some think that as the older mobile phones, such as the Nokia 3310 or the Sony Ericsson T68i, don’t have access to the internet then they will ultimately be much safer than their more modern successors. 

But is that true? Well. Not really, is the simple answer. The technology is out of date and would not allow you to carry out even the most basic activities, so would be an impractical choice for the modern-day spy. It would, however, support the anti-tracking and anti-surveillance if the OS has been tweaked and set up properly. 

Unfortunately, that would not really balance out the lack of software updates.

Would Apple iPhone be a good spy phone?

Apple have long traded on the premise that they offer a secure and private smartphone. However, there have been many incidents published that show this is not always the case. In fact, you only have to look at how specific iPhone users have been targeted by Pegasus, developed by NSO, an Israeli based organisation to realise this would not be a good option. 

The spyware hack has been used to not only locate the user, but also to gain access to the data and information held on the handset itself. Not an ideal situation for James Bond, one could argue. 

In addition, we have spoken before in our article entitled “Don’t let iCloud rain on your Privacy and Security” about the risks posed by the iPhone automatically backing up your messages and files to the iCloud. Once backed up to the iCloud they remain there unencrypted, clearly a huge risk if you want your messages to remain out of the sight of Safin or Blofeld. 

Which network would be secure? 

An obvious weak point in establishing a secure communication process will be the network you connect to and how your spy phone connects to it. It wouldn’t be difficult for a hacker to set up an access point within the network itself and become a middleman between the two users. 

Knowing if or when a wire tap has occurred will be a very important feature to any budding spy. VPN connections can help, but also using a known secured network will be a factor to build into the process. 

Which smartphone is best for security?

It’s clear to see that neither older phones nor the conventional and commonly used smartphones are viable options to maintain your smartphone security and privacy. They just aren’t cut out for 007.

So, what is the best option if you need to ensure that your communications and data exchanges are kept secure? What is the best spy phone for James Bond?

This is where the Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 comes into its own. It is a smartphone that has been specially designed to deliver military grade security features and setups that deliver the ultimate in smartphone security, without losing the functionality that people need in today’s digital world.

The security features include:

  • Military grade end-to-end encryption
  • Secure OS
  • PRIVY Chat and PRIVY vault
  • Silent Phone by Silent Circle
  • Auto message and photo burn
  • Zero server trace storage 
  • Emergency Centre
  • File separation sandboxes
  • Locked Bootloader

Couple this with a SS7 Firewall and Built-in VPN, the Blackphone has the secured network access built in. The SS7 Firewall inhibits potential hackers from obtaining access to your smartphone signal as it transfers from one network to another. Adding in the VPN means that your communications are transmitted via an encrypted tunnel between you and your contact. 

The device comes with its own secure and unlimited, multi-roaming, data-only SIM card (similar to our Black SIM) that works almost everywhere in the world, connecting to all major networks, preferring the strongest connection dependant on time and location.

You may not be James Bond but as a business executive looking to secure your organisations sensitive information, or just a person looking to keep your private life precisely that, then the Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 is the ideal smartphone for you. 

If you would like to discuss your Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 options then please give one of our team a call. 

You can buy the new Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 here.

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