What is the most secure mobile phone

Secure Mobile Phones

Thursday 12 November, 2020

What is the most secure mobile phone a business can use? 

This is a question that most larger corporations and even SMEs, that value their data and privacy, are asking. Especially as data and intellectual property have become a hot commodity, and hackers know it! Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods, forcing businesses to adapt to secure their mobile phones and protect their sensitive information. 

Key areas of mobile phone security

How can all businesses, especially larger corporations, secure their mobile phones against hackers? 

Firstly, businesses need to view mobile phone security on more than one level. Secure mobile phones will need to ensure that the three key areas are addressed, these being:

  • Hardware Security
  • Software Security
  • Network Security

Secure mobile phone features

From these key areas of mobile security, there is a very long list of technologies that need to be considered to ensure that they have a secure mobile deployment. These will include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • End to End Encryption
  • Duress Password
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Secure VPN Connectivity 
  • Device Wipe
  • Locked Bootloader

Despite many of the mobile phone manufacturers attempts to make their mobile phones secure, at a recent ethical hacker’s event in China, all three major brands’ phones were able to be hacked. 

Businesses that need secure mobile phones

Businesses that use these less secure brands are more vulnerable to the risk of hacking than those that take mobile phone security as seriously as they do their computer systems. 

There are a wide range of industries whose sensitive information must be kept secure, no matter whether it is on a static computer system or a mobile phone deployment, these include, to name a few:

  • Law & Accountancy Firms
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Technology Developers
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • The Press & Journalism

It is important for businesses to realise that, as their workforce will likely to be working from home to a much greater extent in the future, mobile phone security will be an increasingly more important issue to address. 

Read more about secure mobile phones and business phone security in our article Secure mobile technology designed for business privacy.

We understand the needs for businesses to enable their workforce to communicate and share information freely, but with the peace-of-mind that the data and conversations will remain secure. 

The Blackphone Privy is the ideal secure mobile phone that can be easily deployed and managed across any size of organisation. 

The protective measures we have taken to secure the mobile phone communications include:

  • A stringent no back door policy which could weaken the secured system
  • No third-party server retains or stores any files or data
  • The handset has a remote wipe facility if it is lost or stolen 
  • Highly secure PGP email, voice and video calling, messaging and file transfers
  • For voice security, there is a wiretap secure feature that alerts you if there is an effort to listen in to your conversation

The Blackphone Privy is easily integrated in to your existing mobile deployment strategy and comes fully supported by our team of mobile phone security experts. 

If the security of your business data and intellectual property is an important issue for you, please give one our team a call and we will be more than happy to help. 

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