Secure Dual OS

Secure Dual OS - The best of both worlds

Tuesday 3 May, 2022

Mobile phone privacy has just taken another important step forward with the introduction of the Blackphone PRIVY 2.0’s Secure Dual OS

This latest privacy enhancement creates two entirely separate and compartmentalised operating systems on the single device. This means the user can simply switch between the two modes, dependent on how they wish to use their mobile phone.

As the two operating systems are completely independent from each other, when you are using one of the privacy modes, the other is completely switched off.

So, what are these two modes and what does each one offer?

´╗┐PRIVY Mode

PRIVY OS is an ultra-secure operating system which uses the SIM card we provide with the device. The PRIVY Mode is set to provide secure communications and data storage only. 

The key features for this mode include:

  • Zero Attack Surface – This delivers a significantly reduced surface of attack. All normal weaknesses of modern mobile devices such as GSM services, SMS services, Google apps and services have been removed from the device.
  • Military Grade Encryption – This encrypts your communication activities with cryptographic protocols to send and receive instant messages and make VoIP calls with complete peace of mind that your messages remain private
  • PRIVY Chat & Vault – Supplied with our state-of-the-art applications preloaded, delivering secure communications and file storage. Both applications protect your data whilst in transit with end-to-end encryption and securely stores data-at-rest in fully encrypted databases.
  • Silent Phone – Pre-installed for secure communications and file sharing (up to 100Mb per file) with other Silent phone users, on whichever device they use. Silent World calling gives the user the ability to make and receive calls to/from normal landline and mobile numbers, where the users’ leg of these calls are secure from local eavesdroppers.
  • Triple Password Protection – The feature provides the option to use different passwords for the three processes of firstly accessing the device itself, access to the encrypted storage, and finally for access to each of the secure apps.

Incognito Mode

The incognito mode is a de-Googled version of Android. This will allow you to install any apps you require from the store, with these applications being completely unable to communicate or share your data with Google in any way at all. Whilst in this space, you are able to use your own locally installed SIM card for normal voice calls, data services and SMS, should you wish.

The key features for Incognito Mode are:

  • De-Googled OS – This means that it prevents Google from any access to your personal data. There is no connection to Google Servers, their Network Time Protocol or Domain Name System. 
  • Verified Boot – This helps to avoid vulnerabilities during the handset bootup. It provides extra protection that guarantees the integrity of the OS on every boot. Following each boot, a unique device fingerprint is authenticated against a server-side copy ensuring OS validity.
  • Trusted Software Updates – OS and application updates are released and digitally signed solely via our Mobile Device Management platform. Handsets apply these updates only after verifying the validity and authenticity of the digital signature. 
  • Limitless Functionality – This means your privacy will be maintained while using your favourite apps through a third-party app store of your choosing. 

How easy is it to switch between each OS?

It’s really easy to switch between the two different privacy modes. All that you need to do is hold the power button and it comes up with a side menu offering to Power Off, Restart, or "Switch OS". Select switch and you’re ready to go. 

If you would like to have a chat about how the secure dual OS features can help protect your communications and personal data, then please give our team a call, they’ll be happy to help.


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