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Mobile Security – The Importance of Trust

Wednesday 25 March, 2020

Mobile security and privacy has a lot to do with trust. People choose to use certain mobile devices and download Apps because they believe the App developers and platforms they use will act in a way that they can trust, particularly with their data and personal information.

Unfortunately, there has been yet another example of how a company has breached that trust with millions of users in a very dangerous way.

What data security has been breached?

The latest reports have highlighted a data breach has come from an App named Whisper. The App, which is used by people to share secrets and intimate details anonymously, had a database of user details stored online unprotected, even with the most basic of passwords. The security and privacy breach has seen the information of 900 million users accessed. This information is of a highly sensitive nature and includes nicknames, age, location, sexual orientation and the users’ ethic background. The hackers could then utilise this information for blackmail purposes and in some cases, they could potentially carry out additional attacks on the users. 

It is not the first time that Whisper has broken their responsibilities towards their users and ensuring that mobile security and privacy is maintained. Back in 2014, a report by The Guardian newspaper highlighted that the Whisper App had leaked their users’ locations no matter if the user themselves had opted out of having their location used. 

It is clear that Whisper has, over time, broken the trust that users initially had and will likely never regain it.  

What to do about mobile security and privacy?

It is important to understand how Apps and mobile devices set up their security and privacy protocols. Many Apps store your personal information online. Whilst some try to provide some level of data security by using a password to gain access, however, as can be seen from the Whisper example, many do not. 

The answer to ensuring you have strong mobile security is to think about all the aspects rather than focussing on one area alone. This is the approach we have taken for the Blackphone Privy. Some manufacturers try to make their handsets secure, often without complete success. Others say their software provides the mobile privacy their users want. 

The Blackphone Privy has been specially designed with security and privacy at the forefront. The handset and software combined makes it the most unhackable mobile phone available. We ensure that no data or information is stored online, so nothing can be stolen. All data on your Blackphone Privy can be purged if someone tries to steal it. We have complete end-to-end encryption for all voice, text and data communications. 

We have written before about the threat that 3rd party Apps pose to users’ mobile phone security and privacy. We would recommend reading some of the other article in order to get a true picture of how widespread this threat is.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about how the Blackphone Privy can help deliver the mobile phone security and privacy you need.

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