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Mobile Privacy – Are you being manipulated online?

Monday 6 January, 2020

Mobile privacy became the hot topic again with more and more concerns being raised about how foreign governments peddle their views to other countries in order to influence the outcomes of elections. Mobile privacy also has significant impacts on how huge multinational companies advertise and attempt to influence voting habits. 

However, mobile privacy around user data capture and how it’s used can have a far darker and more sinister side. As the data capture technologies become further advanced and complex, the data that organisations are able to harvest reveal more personal or even intimate details about the user. 

Whereas the traditional data of a person’s name, gender and age were the mainstay of what a company was looking for, nowadays the information could include your social media interactions, such as Twitter tweets and Facebook likes, and even down to the images you simply scroll past and pause to view. It has been seen that companies are now able to work out more personal aspects of their users such as their sexual orientation, religious beliefs and political leaning. 

By understanding how detailed the information is, it’s easy to see how governments and organisations can use it to manipulate what you see, read, interact with and therefore potentially influence your decision making, be that political or commercial. Scary!

How can you protect your mobile privacy?

There are many people that are completely unaware of the level and nature of their information that is being captured on a daily basis. So, how can you protect your mobile privacy and security?

The Blackphone Privy will help to secure your mobile privacy from being hacked or any of your communications being intercepted. However, in order to truly manage your mobile privacy, users need to be aware of the interactions they have online and their usage of areas such as social media. 

It will be worth checking all your privacy settings on each app you use and any social media accounts you have in order to ensure you have secured your mobile privacy as much as you can. Alternatively, and as drastic as this may sound, review whether you actually need the social media account at all. If you feel you are able to live without it, then simply delete the account. Sounds harsh, but naturally it’s very effective! 

Remember, your personal data is a valuable commodity to companies and governments and so they will continue to try to capture as much as they can to help them influence your decisions. Keep your mobile privacy as tight as you can. 

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