Microsoft exchange email server exploit explained

Microsoft email servers hacked – Who’s worried?

Monday 15 March, 2021

In this article we will talk about the Microsoft Exchange email flaw and how businesses with sensitive information should consider secure mobile phones as well as secure email systems.

Large scale email hacks have been an active risk for many years. It is thought that state sponsored hacks are on the increase and are focussing their attentions on larger corporations alongside government agencies and their suppliers. 

In recent months, it has been rumoured that China, Russia and even North Korea have been involved in the latest Microsoft email server hacks using a global Microsoft Exchange email flaw. They have been thought to have gained access to tens of thousands of companies and therefore millions of sensitive data files in the process. 

The United States National Security Council has said that it is absolutely “essential that any organisation with a vulnerable server take immediate measures" to review and understand if they had been a target of this hack. 

It has been published that even the European Banking Authority had been affected by the cyber attack and were taking actions to determine what, if any, of their data files had been breached. It also seems that not only big business and government agencies have been affected by this email server attack. There are reports that include others such as:

  • Smaller hotels
  • Small manufacturers of appliances
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Electricity companies

This underscores the level of severity and seriousness that has been taken with this breach. So, you should consider the impact this hack could have on either you personally or your business. 

An alternative approach to mobile business emails

As can be seen from this attack, one of the key factors in the data files being accessed is the central storage positioning on the servers. Once the central file server had been accessed, it provided the ability to further attack the specified targets. 

This is where the Blackphone 2 and Blackphone PRIVY come in to their own as business smartphones. They provide the first stage of security and privacy businesses and high net worth individuals need by not storing any files or data on a third-party server. Therefore, there is nothing for a hacker to target with this type of cyber-attack. 

In addition, these secure smartphones provide extra security features that will give business owners complete control of their communications. These include:

End-to-end mobile encryption

This provides the protocols to fully encrypt your communications to securely send and receive emails, ZRTP messages and the ability to make VoIP calls without endangering your privacy

Mobile phone with encrypted storage

The data storage on the smartphone itself has full disk encryption to the data files, operating system and software meaning that no data files or personal information can be extracted from it; even if it is lost or stolen.

Device wipe feature

Provides complete control over your information. You will be able to remotely wipe the smartphone or even set a timer to reverse wipe the data itself if the phone does not make a connection to the server within a specified timeframe. 

PGP email

The Blackphone PRIVY includes a PGP encryption systems used for sending encrypted emails

We have covered more about mobile security for business smartphone users in our article entitled The most secure phone for business. In it we highlight the frequency of searches made on how to attack specific phones and illustrate how the Blackphone 2 and Blackphone PRIVY provide the answer to smartphone security and privacy. 

We also offer further tips and advice on elements such as how the network infrastructure plays an important role in a business’s mobile security strategy to keeping the smartphone safe.

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If you would like to discuss your specific business or personal mobile security requirements, then please give one of our team a call and they will be happy to show how the Blackphone 2 and Blackphone PRIVY can provide the mobile security and privacy you seek. 

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