How much data is google harvesting on me

Is it time to delete Google Maps on your iPhone?

Tuesday 29 June, 2021

Google and Apple have been collecting as much data on you as they can to support their businesses. In particular, Google is an advertising business, not a search business, they harvest as much information about your habits and behaviours as they can. 

As a result of this massive data harvesting by the likes of Google, Apple and most Social Media Apps, Smartphone privacy and security has become ever more prominent in people’s minds. Especially those wishing to maintain their online security and privacy. 

How much data is the Google Maps App collecting about you?

The simple answer to this is, a huge amount. And it’s not just simply about your location, which you would kind of expect if you are using a Map App to navigate your way around. The data Google Maps collects goes way beyond that. 

Take a look for yourself: Google Maps for iPhone.

Everything from your mobile browsing history, contacts, financial information, usage, diagnostic data plus much, much more. Google are then able to combine all of this information to help them create a detailed profile of you. 

The image at the top helps to fully illustrate the sheer amount of personal data that Google Maps saves, and which many people see an afront on their personal privacy. 

With this amount of data being taken and stored, it opens up the risk of your data falling into the wrong hands. This can happen and as happened, as we referenced in the article “533 million people’s data leaked”, which highlighted a major data breach at Facebook. 

There has been some push back in regards to mobile security and privacy, along the lines that “I have nothing to hide so it doesn’t matter what data is collected about me”. Unfortunately, this is not strictly true, and understanding the difference between hiding something and privacy is key. 

We wrote and article back in September 2020 that specifically looked into this issue. Entitled “So you have nothing to hide?... Oh Really!?”, we explain how privacy is important rather than hiding something. It’s more about retaining control and limiting what can be used by others against you. 

With these subjects in mind, it is clear why deleting Google Maps could be a very important step in supporting your smartphone and online privacy levels. 

Combining data to profile you

Having seen the amount of information that can be collected from one app alone, you must now consider the implications of combining all the sources that can be used by organisations to develop a fully detailed picture of your profile. 

Deleting Apps is certainly a good start in your journey to securing your personal data. The less access points you have the better. 

To really take control of this data risk, there are steps you can take to mitigate these organisations’ opportunities. The first step is to reduce their access to you by changing your most used risk… your smartphone. With so many apps and third-party players trying to gain access to your data, by simply changing your smartphone to a Blackphone PRIVY you will instantly reduce your risks. 

The built-in security features and military grade secure software means you are in complete control of your data and that hackers will be unable to gain access, even if they have the phone in their hands. 

The Blackphone PRIVY is the highly secure smartphone that has been developed to secure both businesses and private individual’s data. It is easily deployed and managed across any size of organisation, meaning that data harvesting and protection from hackers is assured.

The protective features built into the Blackphone PRIVY include:

  • A rigorous no back door policy that could weaken our secured system
  • No third-party server retains or stores any files or data
  • The handset has a remote wipe facility if it is lost or stolen 

So, if you would like to secure your private business and personal information by taking bigger steps than simply deleting a few apps, please call us to discuss how the Blackphone PRIVY can help you and your business. 

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