are free vpn apps safe

Free VPN Apps are a serious security risk – Don’t be duped in to using them

Thursday 17 September, 2020

Are free VPN Apps safe to use? What are the security risks?

In most cases, everyone would like something for nothing. But more often than not there’s a catch. 

In this case, when you see a free VPN App, it would be tempting to think that free smartphone security and privacy while accessing networks would be a great idea. 

But don’t be fooled by the offer. In recent tests carried out on a number of free VPN Apps, there was evidence that showed three key failings in at least 25% of those tested. 

These VPN App failings were:

  • The harvesting of a user’s data
  • Inadequate data protection
  • Imperfect development and quality cutting process leaving the app with vulnerabilities

Whilst these are serious breaches, it has been compounded by some Apps actually retaining data logs from the VPN usage. The data taken from the free VPN Apps are often then used to help drive target advertising campaigns, thus rendering the entire VPN pointless.

There’s also been some reports that some App developers have intentionally seeded their VPN offering with malware to track the user data. And the statistics are seriously worrying. Investigators found that of the 234 VPN Apps studied:

  • 38% of Android Apps were seeded with Malware
  • 18% failed to encrypt internet traffic
  • 80% requested the App to have access to sensitive information

Of the top ten worst offenders in the VPN market, the stats tell a grim story:

  • 43% contained Adware
  • 17% contained Malware
  • 6% contained Riskware
  • 5% contained Spyware

Combined, these Apps are now exposing tens of millions of users to potential security and privacy breaches. That’s a huge amount of data and information placed at risk. 

These figures paint a shocking picture of the VPN App industry as a whole, but in particular, they pose a huge security and privacy risk to their users. 

How to beat the Free VPN issues?

Clearly, if you are contemplating which VPN to use, you’re concerned about your mobile data security and privacy.

The Blackphone PRIVY has military grade security built in from hardware, software through to totally secure network connections. By employing the Silent Phone facility, the Blackphone allows you to make and receive calls securely using designated pre-selected numbers from a list of 23 countries.

You have access to unlimited Peer to Peer calling, creating a highly secure communication link with your fellow Blackphone users. 

End to End encryption combined with no files being stored or logged anywhere other than your handset means you always have secure communications and file transfers. 

You even have the peace-of-mind that you can wipe your Blackphone if it gets stolen – you are able to wipe any files and information from the handset. This is done by simply setting a timeframe that, if the phone hasn’t connected to the server, it will automatically wipe.    

Don’t create any privacy or security vulnerabilities with your communication and data transfers by using flawed technology. Simply give us a call and we can help you with a new Blackphone PRIVY, providing all the security you’ll need for your day-to-day communications. 

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