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FBI shining a light on the dark side of encrypted communications

Thursday 10 June, 2021

Encrypted messages and phone calls, designed to provide businesses and individuals with secure and private smartphone communications, has been in and out of the news for years. Primarily created to deliver businesses and high worth individuals with the confidence to conduct their discussions in private, it has over time been commandeered by some in the criminal fraternity to hide their illicit dealings. 

The most recent example of this type of criminal use was, following the high-profile break-up of several encrypted communication services such as Encrochat, the development of AN0M by the FBI. The 3rd party App was only available on preloaded handsets specifically designed for peer-to-peer communications, with no voice calls or emails. 

The AN0M App was developed with back door access to allow the authorities to directly monitor and intercept 20 million messages the criminals made, no matter which country they were in. This ability enabled them to bring down some extremely dangerous criminal gangs, along with the seizure of drugs, guns and a large amount of money.

Secure smartphone encryption

We have always condemned this use of secure phone technology. As a high-quality secure communications provider and providers of one of the most secure mobile phones on the market, the use of our encryption technology is strictly for the use of law-abiding businesses and individuals. 

Wayne Thompson, Head of Sales said “We applaud the work of the FBI and their innovative use of the encryption technology. Businesses and individuals should be able to legitimately use secure smartphone technology without the fear that criminals have hijacked the mobile secure privacy features.”

Privacy risks of using third party Apps

The development of this App has again highlighted the security and privacy risks that 3rd party mobile Apps pose to businesses. Recent Messenger and WhatsApp incidents have further highlighted the need to take control of the communication encryption by using the specially developed services that do not track or store any files / data on third party servers. 

Some of the most popular messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal and Telegram claim to have their user’s privacy and security covered.  But this is not entirely true. In our article entitled “Messaging Security – Even WhatsApp alternatives pose a risk we show how the levels of security and privacy provided by these third-party Apps still have the potential to leak sensitive data and information.

We also recently wrote about privacy risks in 2021 in our article “Phone security trends and threats in 2021. The aim was to help highlight the privacy and security threats that smartphone users face, along with tips and advice on how to avoid them. 

The articles are well worth a read to help give you the information you need to secure your communications. 

As we say, we are delighted with the use of encryption technology to serve the law and thwart criminal activity, paving the way for legitimate businesses and people to secure their own mobile privacy. 

If you would to discuss your particular smartphone encryption needs, then please give one our team a call. They will be more than happy to help. 

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