Don’t rely on the law – Take mobile privacy into your own hands

Friday 15 July, 2022

Mobile privacy continues to be a hot topic, with big tech companies, law enforcement agencies and mobile manufacturers all playing their part in keeping your personal or sensitive business information private. 

As part of the push for data protection, in 2018 GDPR regulations were introduced and hailed as a breakthrough in the protection of the consumer. The enforcement agencies would be able to prosecute businesses that did not take sufficient steps to safeguard their customers personal information. 

But after all this time since it’s introduction, can it actually be seen as making a tangible benefit to the consumer?

Data Privacy – Has GDPR been a success?

It can be argued that, in some circumstances, GDPR has resulted in an improvement as to how some businesses deal with personal data. 

The threat from falling foul of GDPR regulations have made many SMEs and other organisations pay far more attention to their internal data processes, but it also improved the wider understanding about data privacy amongst businesses and individuals alike. 

However, one significant area where improvements have not made such strides is amongst the biggest tech organisations. Naturally, this means there is a vast number of users of those platforms whose privacy and data security are not as well protected. 

The sheer size and complexity of these cases means that dealing with any enforcement prosecutions can be slow and cumbersome, often taking years to work through. However, the organisations that work within the information market of collected data operates significantly quicker. 

With this delay in enforcement, some fear that it will lead to the continued devaluation of data privacy. This will be an ongoing issue for the consumer data protection.

Take control of your mobile phone privacy

It is clear that you cannot simply rely on big tech organisations or the GDPR law enforcements agencies to help maintain your mobile privacy. 

So that raises the question, what can you do to take control of your mobile phone privacy?

The article we published in May this year titled “How to keep your phone private” details the steps you should take to control your mobile phone privacy. 

In addition to limiting the use of third-party apps and social media, one of the most valuable changes you can make will be ensuring the mobile phone you use has the highest levels of security available. 

The Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 is one of the most secure mobile phones available on the market. The security levels include the fact that there are no files stored anywhere else, other than the phone itself, meaning that there is no risk of any leaks of your personal or business data. 

Furthermore, the mobile phone also has pre-installed military grade encryption, which includes:

  • Secure file sharing 
  • Fully encrypted file storage
  • Zero-attack surface
  • Triple password protection
  • Verified boot

Taking control of your mobile phone privacy will help to reduce your risk of sensitive data and information being used by third party organisations for their benefit and not yours. 

Please contact one of our team who will be able to help you with a new Blackphone PRIVY 2.0.

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