Roblox Hacked

Cybersecurity – Are your kids safe from hackers?

Friday 3 July, 2020

Cybersecurity and mobile privacy are never far from the news. Most of the time we hear about data hacks and breaches affecting businesses, government organisations or the general adult populous that own a smartphone. 

However, a recent hack has been revealed that has been aimed at children playing the incredibly popular online social game Roblox. Roblox is one of the most visited websites and is currently ranked 51st in the visited rankings, with a staggering 91.6 million monthly players. 

Now, the latest cybersecurity breach with Roblox, although innocuous in its message, does raise serious concerns about the content of future hacks. The immoral hackers in this case, who seem to think that targeting children and teenagers is in some way acceptable, tried to bombard the kids with the message “Vote Trump”. Their aim was to get the kids to pressure their parents to vote for Donald Trump in the November elections. 

So, if this cybersecurity breach is so innocuous, why is it such a concern? Simply put, what else could they do if they chose to be far more sinister? What would our children be exposed to, or come in to contact with? It also highlights that mobile security and privacy now extends far beyond the realms of business and personal information. It has now reached the very heart of who we need to keep safe. 

What hack method have they used?

Investigations made into the security breach suggests that the hack method used was a simple forced entry through accounts that have a low security password. It is likely the hackers also employed the “credential stuffing” approach, where commonly used passwords are used to flood the account, often ones that are used elsewhere as a login. 

It yet again highlights the importance for taking more than one security precaution to keep your online information safe. 

These include:

  • Strong and unique passwords – never use the same password for multiple accounts
  • Do not use insecure third party Apps
  • Do not use a device that, once hacked allows access to every stored file and personal piece of information 

Additional verification for Roblox

Roblox have provided a simple to follow guide on how to improve your cybersecurity on the game (, by adding an additional verification process. This will stop a potential hacker being able to gain access to the account even if they have managed to obtain the email address and password.  

Protect your mobile security and privacy

Mobile security relies on a range of actions being taken to protect your loved ones’ and your data. Firstly, the handset itself needs to have technology developed in such a way that it makes it impossible for hackers to gain access, even to the core boot system. 

Then there’s the recommended apps verified as safe to use, this is exactly what happens on the Blackphone PRIVY. Only Apps deemed safe should be used.

Ensuring that areas of your phone can be separated in to zones, effectively separating business, from personal or family use, will also add another layer of protection to your personal information or, in this case, your family. 

We have written extensively about the need for secure and private smartphones. The article entitled “Smartphone security – How to keep your smartphone safe” will help highlight the areas you will need to consider. 

Despite this latest threat, if you employ the appropriate safety measures and use the most secure smartphone available, your mobile security and privacy can remain secure. 

We appreciate that many may not use, or even be aware of Roblox, but we feel it is an important exploit example that our customers need to know is out there. 

If you would like to speak further about your specific mobile security needs or concerns, we are on hand and are more than happy to help.

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