App and Data Segregation

Blackphone Privy – The solution to App based security leaks

Monday 25 November, 2019

There have been many incidents recently where smartphone security and privacy has been breached through the use of third party smartphone Apps. It is well a known problem that Apps often gain access to a wide range of personal information, data and images on mobile phones. This personal data has the potential to either be sold on to third party advertisers or indeed even less reputable organisations. 

So how do you protect yourself from App based security and privacy breaches? In this article we look at ways in which the Blackphone Privy provides a safe way to use Apps on the smartphone. 

What private data can Apps collect?

The data that can be collected by third party smartphone apps is wide ranging. The data can include:

  • Profile information 
  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Location details
  • Photos
  • Information about other apps

App and Data Segregation

In the first instance, the Blackphone Privy separates Apps and data so the Apps are not able to actually access that data from the phone. This means that the security has been initiated from the outset. 

The Blackphone Privy features, these separate 'Spaces' which allows you to create multiple, individual "virtual phones" on a single Smartphone. With this separation feature it provides you with a smartphone that can divide work life and your personal life to ensure that they remain securely distinct from each other. You can take peace of mind that no data can be shared between the individual and secure mobile spaces.

You have complete control over which Apps are loaded to which space and therefore which data is separated. 

Secure Private Apps

The Blackphone Privy is also available with a dedicated set of secure and private Apps preloaded before shipping. In addition to these secure Apps the Blackphone Privy also includes a range of third party Apps that do allow private, secure and encrypted communications.

These Apps provide the functionality that people seek from today’s smartphone whilst not diminishing the security and privacy aspects of their mobile communications. 

The Blackphone Privy ensures that third party App security breaches can be eliminated from your mobile security risks. So if you’re looking to move your Smartphone privacy and security up to the next level, then please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be delighted to help you.

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