Cyber Crime Cup 2019

Blackphone Privy – Backing The Cyber Crime Cup

Wednesday 6 November, 2019

It’s almost time, the 2019 Cyber Crime Cup™will be live at the Etihad Stadium and the Blackphone Privy will be there! 

We feel this is one of the most important areas in the future of cyber security – the support and nurturing of the very best talent in the cyber security industry. These university students provide the base for the future of our industry and the Blackphone Privy. The next generation of smartphone security will rely on their impressive security and hacking abilities. 

We will be giving a Blackphone Privy Silver Edition Bundle to each member of the winning team worth £1800, to help entice and inspire more participants in to the competition. As a business very much involved in the protection of our customers’ mobile privacy and security, this event is key to us as a business and to our mobile security system development. 

We would encourage everyone to come to visit the event, see for yourself the amazing progress that is being made to help cyber security, meet some of the movers and shakers and those that in turn will help us to protect your mobile security. 

Live Qualifying Leaderboards

Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) are doing fantastically well!

You can follow live Leaderboards for Online Qualifying

Key Competition Facts

As of 5th November 2019:

  • 65 teams from 35 universities participating
  • 41 teams from 22 universities successfully completing at least one challenge (captured 10 flags or more)
  • 201 students have attempted at least one challenge
  • 127 students have successfully captured at least 1 flag
  • 128 students have attempted 6 challenges or more
  • 86 students have attempted all 7 challenges and played daily
  • Last year we had 22 challenges, each containing 1 flag (total of 22 flags)
  • This year we had 7 challenges (so far) each containing multiple flag levels (total of 57 flags)
  • The “multiple flag levels” allow us to show % progress on the Leaderboards such as “In Progress (25%)”
  • The challenges this year were far more detailed and covered many more hacking techniques

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