Encrochat working with NSA

Blackphone 2 – Interesting News Update

Thursday 5 October, 2017

In a recent review of another mobile security supplier in the market, an interesting analysis was published by medium.com that we believe helps support our approach to mobile data and communication security and privacy. Within the report, commentary was made of an approach that, thanks to a whistle blower, raises concerns as to the level of security provided by the supplier.

The Blackphone 2 has been developed from both a hardware and software perspective right from initiation. Any changes or updates are only made to further add levels of security and privacy and, thanks to Silent Circle’s response times, are made within 72 hours of a threat being detected. This out performs every other mobile security supplier on the market.

It is worth reading the article in full to gain a complete insight in to their review. The article can be found by following this link: https://medium.com/@fordnic/evidence-suggests-encrochat-is-working-with-the-nsa-and-other-authorities-281bfd05ed9e


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