Blackphone 2 review

Blackphone 2 in action

Wednesday 2 March, 2016

The Blackphone 2 may look like most other high end Android smartphones, with it’s 5.5 inch clear and sharp screen, however the true brilliance comes to light when you switch it on. Silent Circle have made some deft touches to make the Android Smartphone easy to use yet amazingly secure.

Mobile PIN Security

By using their creative innovations, the PIN code security is further enhanced by setting the keypad to randomise preventing anyone from being able to use keystroke recognition or even by following smudges on the screen’s surface.

In-Built Secure Technology

At the core of the Blackphone 2 is the Security Centre that provides the environment for you to securely manage the security and privacy settings and offering you the ability to fine tune each application’s setting to determine the permissions of access.  All this is simple to navigate and is operated in one place.

In addition the Blackphone 2 has the ability for you to set “spaces” so you can completely separate your work and personal life on one phone.  These spaces do not interact with each other giving even more protection to your data. You can very simply set up to 4 individual spaces on your phone and it’s incredibly easy for you swap between Spaces!

There is an App store which offers a wide range of secure Apps that have been checked and approved for use that will not compromise your privacy or security.

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