Are you spying on my text messages

Are your text messages secure?

Monday 7 September, 2020

SMS Text Messages – you need to think twice about your privacy

It is estimated that, in just the UK a staggering 60 million mobile phone SMS texts are sent every day. Ultimately that equates to a lot of information and data being pinged around on an archaic messaging system with very limited security features.  

The question around mobile privacy has raised its head again, this time it’s to do with the safety of SMS texting. It is all to do with end to end encryption. 

So, what’s the real issue here?

The problem arises when text messages are sent securely from your phone to your network. The security for the first part of the text message’s journey is secure and keeps your messages private – from your phone to the network itself.

However, it is once your message reaches the network that it has the potential to be intercepted by hackers, who are then able to read and use the content to their own means. This is because SMS messages sent from smart phones are not secured by end to end encryption. 

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Popular messaging apps are insecure

It is likely that most people will also be unaware that Facebook Messenger, the popular messaging service, doesn’t secure messages with end to end encryption. Many mobile security experts have recommended not using this software as it is so open to hacking.

So, it then poses the question, what other mobile messaging apps are insecure when you think they are?

The answer is actually quite surprising. 

Apple’s iMessage is a prime example of an app you think is secure but does actually have the potential to be insecure. This is because of the way it sends its messages. 

iMessage does have end to end encryption when both phones involved are Apple. However, not all users have an iPhone and therefore are outside of the end to end encryption. The iMessage will be converted to a standard SMS text for those users, thus making each message much less secure. 

It is also worth mentioning at this point that Google’s messaging app is only encrypted between the phone and its network, very similar to that of the SMS texting. Google say they are working on resolving this security flaw but it has not completed the work yet. 

Now you know that both standard Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhone have security issues around the sending of messages, what are your options? 

The answer to insecure text messages

The answer is the Blackphone PRIVY. The Blackphone PRIVY smartphone has complete security with end to encryption with no SMS texting. There are no third-party servers on which any information is held, adding an additional layer of privacy and security. 

The security features include:

  • Locked bootloader 
  • Reverse wipe feature 
  • Encrypted storage on the phone itself
  • Scheduled burn of messages, keeping you in control
  • PGP email

If you use messaging services on a regular basis and have the need to keep your information secure and private, the Blackphone PRIVY out performs all other popular smartphones on the market. Please give us a call to discuss how we can help you secure your communications.

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