Is my phone obsolete

Are old phones a security risk?

Friday 20 August, 2021

Old Smartphone? It’s probably insecure!

Smartphone security and privacy has a lot to do with the type of phone you have and the version of that smartphone. Biometrics, two factor authentication and password protection all play an important security role.

But, did you know that the age of your smartphone handset also plays a role in your phone’s security?

48% of smartphone users at risk

In a recent investigation carried out by the highly reputable Which? Magazine, it was found that up to 48% of smartphone users will be at a security risk because their handsets have been deemed obsolete by the manufacturer. 

This means that they no longer receive security updates or support. Therefore, these handsets are not protected by the latest software updates before the end of their airtime contracts.

Kate Bevan, computing editor at Which? said “Mobile phones without the latest security support could leave consumers vulnerable to hackers, so it is important that manufacturers supply these defences for longer and that retailers are clearer with people about the risks posed by phones that will not receive vital updates for the duration of contracts”.

73% of O2 handsets end of life before contract end

The statistics of the companies knowingly selling handsets that will lose the security support is truly shocking. The results of the investigation found that O2 were by far the biggest culprit by selling a staggering 73% of handsets losing support before the end of a standard 3-year contract. In addition, the report found that up to 21% of those smartphones would be unsupported within the first year of the contract. 

Of the handsets sold by all retailers, there are some very popular models that will lose the security support within the next year, including Motorola G8 (from Vodafone and and the Samsung Galaxy S9 (also Vodafone). 

Understandably, due to the total lack of transparency from the manufacturers about the longevity of their security, most mobile phone users are completely unaware of the risks they are being placed in. Most (69%) assumed that they would be able to receive software security updates for the duration of their contract. 

The question therefore remains, what is best way to avoid this type of security risk, without having to continually upgrade your handset at great expense?

Blackphone PRIVY – The Smartphone with security support

The Blackphone PRIVY has long been heralded as one of most secure and private smartphones on the market, with an enviable response time to security software updates. 

These rapid response updates help to provide the protection Blackphone users demand, whilst providing the peace-of-mind that they will be covered for many years to come.

Knowing that the handset software will always be up-to-date will help to protect your business and personal data from known hacker scams and provides Blackphone users with complete confidence.

By coupling this focus on software updates with the existing security and privacy functionality built into the Blackphone, makes it the most secure smartphone available to both business users and private individuals. 

If you would like to discuss how the Blackphone PRIVY can help secure your communications, whether for an organisation looking for a fleet deployment or an individual, then please give our team a call. They will be more than happy to help. 

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