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App insecurity solved – Punkt. MP02

Monday 19 October, 2020

Over recent months we have looked at the many occasions Smartphone security and privacy has been breached as a result of insecure third-party Apps. There’s been hacks and breaches that have resulted in millions of users having their personal and sensitive information stolen. 

Smartphones have become ever more intrusive into the lives of many, with social media and the internet at your fingertips at all times. This has naturally evolved into a security and privacy issue as more and more hackers attack smartphones to steal personal or sensitive information. 

Many people have been looking for a less intrusive alternative. 

Welcome to Punkt. 

The Punkt. MP02 is a new phone that has no social media Apps, no internet Apps and no third-party messaging Apps. Therefore, nothing for hackers to go after.

However, the Punkt. MP02 is a phone that has not completely shunned the internet. Online services can still be accessed via a different device securely tethered to the Punkt. MP02 using WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connections. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

In addition, although there are no Apps on the mobile phone itself, security is still a massive consideration, so the Punkt. MP02 is the only non-Blackberry mobile to use the Blackberry Secure software. This maintains the text message security and voice call security with high grade encryption.

For those that do not want or need the distraction of a Smartphone, but want to be able to send a text message and take a phone call securely, then the Punkt. MP02 really is an ideal choice.

The Punkt. MP02 maybe different from other phones, but it still includes a wide range of features:

  • 4G LTE Connection
  • Sunlight Readable Display
  • Digital Security Software
  • Long Life Stand-by Battery 
  • Enhanced SMS Functions

As well as the wealth of useful features, the Punkt. MP02 is built to be both comfortable to use and robust to deal with a busy lifestyle. 

The impressive build spec includes:

  • Dimensions of only 51.3mm (W) x 117mm (L) x 14.4mm (D)
  • Weighs only 100g
  • Polycarbonate casing
  • Soft touch rear pad
  • Splash proof

Ideal phone for the busy CEO / Executive

The Punkt. MP02 is the ideal phone for the CEO or Executive not wanting to be constantly interrupted by emails and messages when out of the office, choosing instead to read and respond when returning to the office. 

The Punkt. mobile phone means you can be contacted in an emergency and you are able to make calls when needed, knowing that your communications are Blackberry Secure.

It is conveniently supplied unlocked, so you are able to integrate your new mobile with your existing business carrier. 

The Punkt. MP02 is hassle free, secure and easy to use. If you would like to have a chat to find out more details about this great new phone, please give us a call +44 (0)871 666 9 666. 

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