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Silent Phone by Silent Circle

The Silent Phone facility enables peer to peer encrypted audio, video calling, and secure messaging giving you complete peace of mind.

blackphone multi user

Smarter WiFi

The Smarter WiFi feature helps you to avoid the additional security and privacy risks from using insecure public WiFi networks.

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Private Apps

Blackphone 2 is available with our own apps preloaded, but also includes third party apps that allow private, encrypted communications.

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blackphone multi user

Private Spaces

Our new brand 'Spaces' feature enables you to establish multiple, separate “virtual phones” on a single device.

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Here are some of the reasons why the Blackphone 2 is now the standout choice for privacy and security:

  • Unlimited Peer to Peer Calling
  • Secure Messaging & File Transfers
  • Scheduled Burn Functionality
  • Easy Deployment & Management
  • Multiple Phones in One
  • Smarter Wifi
  • High Level Encryption

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The Blackphone 2 is now discontinued. If you are looking to purchase the new Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 please purchase online here

Blackphone PRIVY 2.0

If you would like more information on the Blackphone PRIVY 2.0 or any of our other products or services, please complete this form and our sales team will be in touch.