Welcome to the Punkt. MP02 Blackberry Secure phone

Punkt. MP02 Design

The Punkt. MP02 is the perfect mobile phone for anyone not wishing to be continually interrupted by incoming messages or emails. The MP02 allows you to remain in contact via voice calls and SMS, but saves you from the constant stream of email, social media and messenger app alerts.

Connectivity only when you want it. You can use the Punkt. MP02 to tether offline devices to use data services when it suits you. Read and respond to emails and browse the internet via tethered devices instead of using your phone for everything.

It’s time to disconnect!

Blackberry Secure

The Punkt. MP02 mobile phone is the only non-Blackberry device to use unique BlackBerry Secure software. Able to be run on all major operating systems and across any network, Blackberry Secure software helps to protect your communications.

Online security and privacy has never been more relevant. Combining a basic phone with other devices such as laptops or tablets securely is becoming more widespread across both business and personal use. The Punkt. MP02 enables you to have less screen time and more real-time with the convenience of being securely connected to the Internet with your laptop or tablet.



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