The Black SIM offers incredible security.

black sim security

Black SIM is a pure data SIM only which offers you protection against International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catchers (IMSI-Catcher). IMSI Catcher is a mobile eavesdropping device that is employed to intercept mobile phone traffic whilst also being able to track the specific location data of the mobile phone user.

Mobile traffic is securely routed through the Silent Phone system which, along with protecting you against the IMSI Catchers, it prevents your mobile data from being triangulated.

Black SIM

Global travel has become an ever increasing factor for businesses and individuals alike, and the use of Smartphone and Mobile technology has needed to keep pace.

Mobile users continually seek strong, uninterrupted connectivity as they travel from one country to the next. In addition, they rightly expect their encrypted information, security and privacy to be maintained. This is where the BlackSIM comes in to its own by providing the wireless service while on the move and ensuring their privacy and security is preserved, giving you a multi-roaming connection.



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